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The £88m Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage offers grants to help heritage organisations or businesses cover operating costs, assess and adapt their business models, and become financially viable.

观一展而知天下新车 2021日内瓦车展前瞻_新车_汽车频道 ...:2021-2-4 · 国际五大车展,论参展车型的数量和质量应伍日内瓦车展居首,1月北美车厂余热还没消退,3月日内瓦又要来一大波。就目前的情况看,本届日内瓦的重磅新车依旧规模宏大,具体有多少,自己往下看看表就知道了。

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2021世界物联网博览会 - · 10月31日,2021世界物联网博览会在无锡开幕。江苏省委书记李强出席并且发表了重要讲话,他表示这次盛会既成为物联网业内的“华山论剑”,也在物联网发展史上烙下深深的“太湖印记”。

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Lister Lane Cemetery, Enrich the List Contribution. © Ann & Stuart Wilkinson Lister Lane Cemetery List Entry


See what's happening in your local historic environment and find out how you can help uncover the hidden stories behind your local heritage.

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Chair of the Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings, Cllr Alan Mosley giving his welcoming speech at the Time Capsule Closing Ceremony © Historic England, photo by James O'Davies


Our heritage and our built environment should be a source of knowledge and understanding for everyone.

We condemn racism in any form. We are committed to inclusion, diversity and equality of opportunity in all of our work - but we know that we, and the heritage sector, have a long way to go.

We will work to ensure that Black lives, past and present, are fully recognised as part of our nation’s history, and our sector’s future.

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Erected to commemorate the abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies the first of August A.D MDCCCXXXIV

The Slave Trade and Abolition

Black people have been part of British history since Roman times. They worked as servants, musicians, trades people and businessmen. Some, but not all, were enslaved.

Britain's involvement in the slave trade was most active from the late 16th to early 19th centuries. The buildings and memorials around us tell us about those who grew wealthy on this trade in human lives, as well as those who campaigned to end slavery.

These people, from a range of backgrounds, all left their mark on history.

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An indoor market featuring an Afro Caribbean shop and a wig shop with flag bunting across the path between.

6 Places That Tell Stories of the Windrush Generation

The arrival of the Windrush generation in 1948 marked the dawn of modern multicultural Britain. On the Heritage Calling blog we take a look at their story through six important locations in England.

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Member of staff conserving a glass plate negative

Heritage Online Debate: Workplace Diversity

What are the challenges and also opportunities for the heritage sector to embracing diversity and creating inclusive places to work?

To start this debate, we have asked a number of prominent people to write their thoughts.

Why is a Diverse Workplace Essential?
Three sketches of a building showing how it changed between 1904 and 2016


Historic England and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust want to inspire young people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to pursue a career in architecture.

Students researched buildings that have significant importance for members of the BAME community. They found out how these places and buildings have shaped history and added value to their individual communities.

无线通信技术各领风骚 智能家居统一标准没有必要 ...:2021-12-14 · 无线通讯协议是智能家居领域的关键技术,是连接设备、实现信息传输的通道,是实现智能产品之间互联互通互控与协同的“桥梁”。不过,目前智能家居市场标准未定,多种无线协议并存,主要的通讯协议有WiFi、Zigbee、蓝牙、Z-wave、Thread ...
Black and white crowd photo at Notting Hill Carnival


Between 1918 and 2018 there has been enormous global change and waves of migration. The century has seen black and Asian people influence England's culture, industry, economy, and national life as never before.

'Another England' followed the histories of people arriving from countries in Africa, South and East Asia and the Caribbean. The project explores the reasons people came, including two world wars and established colonial and trade links.

Discover 'Another England'
18th century warehouse building

Enrich the List

The List has over 400,000 entries: tower blocks and tombstones, barrows and bunkers, palaces and pigsties, plague crosses and piers, cathedrals, windmills and rollercoasters.

Many places on the List are well-known and even world-famous. But in some cases there is much that remains unknown.

We invite you to share your knowledge and pictures of listed places, so we can record important facts, and even unlock the secrets of some places.

Find out how to make your contribution


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